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  • The Meaning of the Argentine Spanish Slang Word BOLUDO in English. Every country has a flag, ... but does not always imply an insulting or derogatory connotation ...

  • What does "voludo" mean in English? ... What does "yahorre" mean in English? More questions. Is "Pyjama" an English Word??? In Hindi Pyjama means "Trouser".?

  • Che, Boludo: Argentinian 101. Che boluda ... Signup to get Free Spanish Lessons sent by email. Sign up. You May Also Like ¿Por qué?: Why? Because!

  • Translate Boludo in English. Get the most accurate Spanish to English translations. Fast. Easy. Free.

  • The 4 Keywords Of Argentinean Spanish Other Than Che by Always Spanish ... Unless you mean to insult, use boludo only with someone this close, if you must

  • What does 'hola loca' mean in Spanish? I know the literal meaning is 'hello crazy'. ... What does "prams" mean when booking a Spanish restaurant? Related Questions.

  • Page 1 of 3 - boludo and pelotudo - posted in Culture: how did these words come about?? whats the difference?

  • The Urban Dictionary Mug ... Argentine slang.It could mean dude,bro,depending on how you ... Referred to the theory of the Boludo. When a man does not ejaculate ...

  • What does ' boludo ' mean, Batuta? Нахрена ты нас сюда привел, остолоп? Why u bring me to these kind of places, boludo? Смотри, ...

  • Pelotudo - Meaning of Pelotudo in Argentina - Spanish / English. More slangs from: Pelotudo. Meaning: ... boludo asshole, idiot, stupid person. Argentina. ganso

  • Five Argentine Spanish Words You Need to Learn. ... And how does this relate to Mr. Ernesto Guevara? ... ¡Che boludo! Can mean you idiot or hey buddy, ...

  • La californiana se presentó por segunda vez en Buenos Aires como parte de su Prismatic World Tour "¿Boludo? What does 'boludo' mean?", pregunta Katy Perry en voz ...

  • Que significa boludo o pelotudo en Argentina? Agregar tu respuesta. Fuente. Enviar Cancelar. Notificar abuso.

  • Che Boludo, Los Boludos, Que Significa Boludo, Significado De Boludo, What Does Che Boludo Means, What Does Boludo Mean, Boludo Translation, Argentina Curse Words,

  • what does boludo mean. arg. https://twitter.com/katyentanga. Ask me anything. 754. 195. 1. 754. Answers. 195. Likes. 1. Gifts. cami. Latest answers. saliste re linda ...

  • ¿qué quiere decir "boludo, chabon, sos re piola, copado" en argentina? Añade tu respuesta. Fuente. Enviar Cancelar. Notificar un abuso.

  • Che, Boludo! Boludo/a is one of those wonderful words in Argentine Spanish that just does not have an English translation to ... adjective or all of the above to mean: 1.

  • Whenever I hear some person from Argentina, it is quite common to hear him or her say a sentence containing boludo: ... What does “nano” mean in Spain? 1.

  • How does he become the boludo? See what I mean? thanks for any suggestions So if five people of a certain political party suddenly agree on some idiot proposal, ...

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  • pelotudo. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search. ... tonto, boludo, bobo; Related terms . pelota; Noun .

  • What does "boludo" really mean? In this clip, three Argentine chess players (one FIDE arbiter, one FIDE master, and one blitz-player of Italian descent) ...

  • "¿Boludo? What does 'boludo' mean?", pregunta Katy Perry en voz alta y el público estalla en gritos y carcajadas. Juan, el chico elegido al promediar el show para ...

  • What does “que lo que” mean? ... So, what does that mean? Is it some kind of Dominican "hello"? jerga saludos. share ... What is the meaning of “boludo”? 1.

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  • So what does “boludo” mean? The word ... I guess you can now easily understand the title of this entry: “¡No digas boludeces, boludo!“.