Jellyfish as Pets


  • Thinking of getting a pet Jellyfish? You’ve come to the right place! We’re passionate about our pet Jellies and have the healthiest home grown Jellyfish availa

  • I really like jellyfish, the way they move, the way they look and I would really like one as a pet.

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  • There was a booth showing off jelly fish in tanks. The guy sells jellies... not too pricey compared to other salt water fishes, and apparently just about ...

  • How to Start a Jellyfish Tank. Jellyfish are the latest fashion in ornamental fish tanks. Their mesmerizing forms and soothing movements make them a living work of art.

  • About Jellyfish: A Jellyfish Fish Tank Aquarium is Easier to Maintain than Standard Saltwater Aquariums. Find Out the Scoop on Jellyfish Aquariums & Pet Moon ...

  • While buying and owning pet jellyfish is certainly a very rewarding hobby, it is not for everyone. There are a few things that every potential owner should know ...

  • A Jellyfish is a soft-shelled marine creature with a body like an umbrella and trailing tentacles. Not a creature you would consider keeping as a pet.

  • Graceful survivors- Moon jellyfish lived through the Ice Age and subsequent warming of the seas. What makes these translucent creatures so resilient?

  • Yes After the movie Seven Pounds keeping jellyfish has been a popular attraction all over the world and the lack of knowledge and the unavailability.

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  • Was just wondering, in the UK, can you keep jellyfish as a pet? If so, where would I get one, and do they need special tanks et. thanks!

  • Keeping jellyfish as pets is hard work and only recommended for experienced aquarium owners. The needs of pet jellyfish are very different to other aquarium fish.

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  • The Jelly fish is a fascinating invertebrate related to corals and plankton. Most species of jellyfish are brainless, spineless, stomach less, and eyeless.

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  • Contrary to popular belief, keeping jellyfish at home is not difficult. Using the Planet Jellyfish Aquarium and following a few simple steps, you can keep your pet ...

  • Who Wants a Pet Jellyfish? ... Breeding jellyfish in the Jellyfish Art office. The whole fate of the business hangs on whether they can breed their own jellyfish.

  • As with any pet, having a pet jellyfish takes some time, dedication and care on your part, the pet owner. Taking care of jellyfish means taking care of their watery ...

  • A: Jellyfish primarily eat plankton, which are organisms that lack the strength and size to swim and therefore drift in marine and freshwater currents.

  • The Portuguese Man O' War is massive, they can be 50 feet long, I doubt you could house one correctly. As such I very much doubt they would be allowed as "pets" by ...